ISDC 2013 Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space

By: The National Space Society

Launched: May 22, 2013
Funding ends: Jun 12, 2013

Join the space movement, and help build a positive future for humanity!

NSS is the leading grassroots space advocacy group in the U.S., and fights for both space exploration and commercial development of space. We believe in a bright future with humanity charging out into the solar system.
The resources in space are critical to humanity's future.  Space offers us unlimited clean energy through space based solar power and effectively unlimited raw materials from the Moon & the asteroids.  New metals, crystals, drugs and other materials can be made in the microgravity environment of space that can't be made on Earth.  The knowledge and wealth generated from our expansion into space will trigger an economic and scientific renaissance.  This will be the next great technological and industrial revolution.   
Donations are vital to the health and growth of NSS.  Your purchase of this event t-shirt as a tax-deductable donation enables us:
    to perform educational outreach and manage related projects;
    to improve the benefits and services to our members;
    to provide member-only discounts on NSS events and merchandise;
    to offer reduced-rate memberships to Students and Seniors;
    to support our volunteer national leaders and local Chapters; and
    to work in cooperation with our Affiliates and other organizations.

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By: The National Space Society